Muskets & Memories: A Modern Man’s Journey through the Civil War

eBook, Paperback

Jeffrey Williams commissioned us to redesign the cover to his Civil War-reenactor memoir back in 2019 from this original design by a different designer.

Original Cover provided by author

We originally produced a more vector-based paperback cover with iconic imagery often associated with the U.S. Civil War. The background photo was used to create a dynamic background beneath the new vector layers. We also minimized the number of overall elements to improve readability.

Initial Design

Issues, including COVID, delayed final design to 2021.

Repurposing the original photos, we grayscaled the photo but preserved the original colors for each flag. We later research era-appropriate muskets and found a key statue representative of Minnesota Civil War history. The approach was clean to narrow in on key aspects of the elements and avoid clutter.

Final design

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